Job Opportunity in Blockchain with BEM Token:

One of the most attractive careers in the world today is the Network Marketing business. This business has always had huge numbers of fans and audiences around the world. In the blockchain system though, “network marketing” is different from its real world counterpart. In the real spaces of counties, network marketing is always around a product or a service. In fact, they distribute products in markets and among customers with their special way of selling. But in blockchain the products are new tokens or currencies temporarily frozen with benefits; and money making plans are put in place for visitors, leaders, instructors and developers of that network marketing platforms. One of the most favored network marketing plans is the binary plan in which all members of the sales organization are beneficiaries and sales in that plan are stored for them. This plan is not implemented by smart contracts due to the huge number of people and calculations, but in regular sites it faces changes in policies and strategies by company managers or owners.
  Although BEM Foundation has made it possible with BEMT for people to work freely worldwide without any concern for any changes, ensured that their identities and financial secrets remain safe. By reading through the White Paper, a BEM Foundation project, you will get a very good knowledge of the unlimited money making plan, and of course the above arguments.